This book contains all the information in the Men's version with added commentary to help women better understand and relate to the men in their life. Women often complain that men don't talk enough or listen well enough. This book will provide you with the skills to help your man open up to you and relate to you in a more caring, supportive and nurturing manner. He needs your help to raise himself up to be the man you hoped he would be.


Parenting a teenager provides new challenges and opportunities for parents. Many children weather their teenage years with little angst and drama and are able to maintain close and enviably connected relationships with their parents. I don't see too many of those parents in my office. Whatever the state of your relationship with your teen this book aims to make it better.

We all want to be in a great relationship. We also know relationships can drive you crazy. Our partners routinely annoy, disappoint us and refuse us.They upset us, hurt us upset us, embarrass us and occasionally make us wonder if we would not be better off withou them. Yet despite alll that most people still want to be in a loving relationship. There are skills you can learn to improvethe quality of all your relationships and they are not that hard to learn.