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While time away from a relationship can be valuable, if you want a relationship to flourish you need to invest time in it. Why not go out to eat? Nothing fancy. Just something affordable and easy. While you are eating and thinking of safe things to talk about, why not say this: "Let's share three good things that happened today. I will go first." There are numerous variations on this that you can take, but the goal is to share positive things. Doing that usually makes people feel better. See if you can share some positve things every day. To you, to her, to him and to anyone else.










Here is a talking tip. If you want the other person to talk more, wait until they are talking about anything and when they are done, using their exact words,repeat what you think was the key sentence/thought/idea. Then shut up. The idea is to let them know what you think is their main point and that you are wanting to understand them. The other hope is they will take that attempt to convey understanding and run with it. Don't do this all the time. But try it out some of the time.










I am not entirely sure what this graphic is about. I can tell it has something to do with the earth moving around the sun, but aside from that I have no clue. Which is kind of what I think about a lot of things. I know I can pick up my phone and do thousands of things, but I have no idea how that happens. It is a miracle to me. We all have a relationship with the earth and the universe -  a lot of which we know next to nothing about. Consider going together to a planetarium or a botanical garden or someplace where you can both can learn something about the world we inhabit.










What is the miracle cure for your relationship? Unfortunately, there is none, but here is something to consider. How about doing something unexpected? Maybe the word surprise fits in, maybe not. But, why not arrange to do something special for your partner that you know, and I mean know not guess, she/he will like. Some couples have designated evenings when one of them is responsible for the night's entertainment with the caveat that you need to be 90% certain your partner will like it. Relationships are investments. If you want yours to pay off you need to put some creative energy into it. If you want to watch a short video on the Miracle Cure you can click here.










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Perhaps because I spend a good part of my day talking for my living I have come to value talking things over. Many couples once they are past the honeymoon stage find they have less and less to talk about. The old stories have all been told and once you go over the day's highlight and lowlight reel what else is there to say? How about saying two things you really like about the other person. Some days there may be something she/he did that you especially appreciate and some days you may appreciate the same old things you have always appreciated. Doesn't matter what you share just as long as it is honest and you appreciate it. 










Some people love to dance and others not so much. Even though some people protest about dancing it is one of those things that once you allow yourself to move around you usually feel better. It is a matter of loosening your inhibitions along with your critical nature and letting your body react to the music.  Which is why a lot of people are hesitant. It is not easy to do something you don’t think you do well and have to do it in front of others who are much better at it. As awkward as you may be, dancers tend to like other dancers, unless they get too much into their space. Now and then you need to turn on some music too loudly in the kitchen or living area and get up and do your thing. Maybe someone will join you. 










Some people put a lot of energy into supporting the well being of the earth. Others less so and others embody this Jackson Browne

lyric: "You've left it for somebody other than you  to be the one to care." I was raised with the slogan that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. I think that holds true for many of our endeavors. I encourage you to devote some of your energy into helping out our earth.

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