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Sample Chapter

A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder - eBook Small.jpg


   “The best I ever had? That’s really a hard question.”

   “It isn’t for me.”

   “Well, then, why don’t you answer first?”

   “Okay, I will, but I still want to hear from you. What’s the best otherworldly, self-enhancing, spiritually awakening moment you’ve ever known?”

   “Let me think about it. Since you brought it up, you tell me.”

  I wanted to hear what she had to say as well. I don’t participate in a lot of “otherworldly, self-enhancing, spiritually awakening” discussions. I don’t even know if I’ve had any of those experiences, but perhaps I have. I supposed I’d find out this week because we were standing in line to get our tickets to the Whole Life Exposition, which I imagined would be full of people who’d had these experiences and be trying to sell me something so I could join the club.

   I’m not against joining a club, but I tend to hover on the fringes when it comes to things that require membership. I might buy a few shares in the woo-woo world, but I wouldn’t be a big investor. What lay ahead of me remained to be seen. All I knew was that I was getting paid to be here and I had a job to do.

   “You won’t believe this, but I saw the future. Not all of it, but clearly some of it. It was like déjà vu, but this was future vu. I’ve seen this moment. Living it now is almost exactly as I saw it.”

   “What? This exact moment we’re having? Was I in it? Was I saying this? Is that what you saw?”

   “Yes and no. I didn’t know you were going to say that specifically, but here’s the trippy part. Not only did I see this moment coming. You did too.”

   “Wait. You’re saying I actually foresaw this moment? I don’t think so. I had no clue we were going to be here, doing this.”

   “Yes, you did. It’s eerie but it’s true. I’ll tell you.”

   “Do I need to sit down?”

   “No, you’ll be fine. This moment you’re having right now, you did know was coming. Maybe not this exact way, but close enough. You thought it. You felt it. You knew it. But you didn’t consciously register it.”

   “Yeah, well, I have no idea what my subconscious has been up to.”

   “You and everyone else. Yet as soon as I share it, you’ll say, ‘Yeah, you’re right. I knew that. What’s the big deal?’”


   “As soon as I tell you, you’re going to say, ‘That ain’t no woo-woo.’ But that’s where you’re wrong. It is woo-woo, and the fact that you don’t think it is, well, that’s part of the woo-woo. You might think it ain’t, but it is.”

   “I’m confused. What is this not-big-deal you’re going to tell me that I’m going to tell you I knew all along and it’s no big deal?”

   “You knew this. You knew this would start with What’s the best …? They all start there.”

   “Yeah, I knew that. That ain’t no woo-woo. That’s just doing the same thing over and over and over again.”

   “You can think that, but what I’m telling you is, woo-woo ain’t all you think it is.”

A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder - eBook Small.jpg
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