My first blog

Welcome to my first blog. We all have first times. First time voting, first time making love and an endless stream of new experiences. Even those of you who have been reading and writing blogs for years are reading mine for the first time. I was taught you need to start a journey where you are. Which in my case is the beginning of my using this medium to share my thoughts, ideas, experiences and whatever else it is you share in these spaces. I know there there will be a range of actions and reactions that take on unforseen courses. People will interact without ever interacting. For a guy trained to be a face-to-face therapist it is a bit of a shift to embrace the anonymous.

When I was in graduate school we would sit around in a room and learn how to respond to various interactions. If someone called you an asshole to your face, there would be a lot of talk about how you felt about it and how to manage the interaction. Here you can just tell me I am full of shit and move on. What we have gained in honesty letting someone know what you think we have lost in having to work through the relational consequences. However, in intimate relationships it is not so easy to get away with letting the other person know what you really think/feel. Feelings get hurt, emotions get triggered and the aftermath often takes more time, energy and effort than you really care to put in. So, a lot of time people just keep their mouths shut and wait till a big nasty confrontation comes down the pike and then they unload their backlog of built up resentments. Hopefully, there are some tips you can learn in my books that can help you weather those exchanges and maybe even prevent them. In the meantime, I plan on using this space to share whatever issues of the day, thoughts of the moment or whims that come my way. I invite you to share with me. I imagine you are reading this because you have some interest in enhancing your relationships. I don’t profess to know all there is to know and would welcome you sharing your thoughts and experiences. My goal is to create a community of like-minded people who want to learn together how to enhance and expand their relationships.

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