You Can't Please Everyone

I am very new to blogs and need to admit I am unclear about all the rules of the road. From what I read if you don’t have anything interesting and engaging to say you might as well just write in your private journal. If you want to write out loud then you need to in the words of Jim Rome to “have a take and not suck.”

I am sure there will be times when you will think that what I write sucks. And times that whatever “take” I have will be pretty limp. If blogs work the way I think they do, then I am sure I will hear about it – either in written form or by a general lack of interest. If I think about it that way there could very well be pressure to endeavor to write something engaging enough for you to care to respond.

I don’t exactly want my first rock and roll quote to be Ricky Nelson, but after starring in a TV show for many years and then going out touring, he quickly found that people wanted to hear his hits and not much of anything else. To which he replied, “Ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.” Funny how that song ended up being his biggest hit.

So, I will write what comes to me and you can respond in whatever way resonates with you. And if we can’t please each other so be it, but hopefully we can please ourselves.

One of my favorite old book titles asked this question “Do I have to give up me to be loved by you?” I think many of us sacrifice parts of who we are and what we want so others will like us. We are social creatures after all and compromise is part of the mix when others are involved. But, hopefully we don’t have to give up so much of who we are that we no longer resemble our true selves.

#youcantpleaseeveryone #relationships #JimRome

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