Short and Sweet

When couples have those moments when they talk honestly with one another about how things are ignoring n the relationship it can lead to greater intimacy or turmoil. Or some of both. You never know quite how things are going to turn out. That uncertainty keeps a lot of people from having too many of those "let's talk" talks.

There is a goodwill building activity that you can do every day or as often as you can that will increase your connection and buy you some insurance for when those more stormy conversations take place.That build up good will can serve you well when the going gets tough. It is its own kind of preventative medicine. Take a few minutes to say something that you like, enjoy or value about your partner. Sharing a quick “I like you because” exchange needs to have two simple rules. 1. Keep it simple. Just say something that your partner did recently or something you thought about that could have happened years ago or any one thing that you like about your partner. 2. You say your thing. They say their thing. You get up and get on with your day. Don’t linger. Don’t get into anything else. Make this sweet and short. If you can do that kind of touchstone appreciation on a regular basis it will make you both know you are appreciated, seen and it will help build the foundation of your relationship. Which you will need when you have to do deal with those rough times.

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