There are all manner of courageous acts people take every day. Some would say getting out of bed is a courageous act and some days it certainly feels that way more than others. There are many ways we all are called upon to be brave, put up a stiff upper lip and carry on. Bob Dylan sang that: “…sometimes the only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keeping on.” Some days it is all we can do to keep on keeping on. Other days we take leaps forward, maintain the equilibrium or take two steps forward and one step back. Every day, every moment there is opportunity.

When it comes to relationships, courage is about being able to risk showing parts of you that may not be experienced so well by others. Putting yourself out in the world risks not measuring up to your or their standards. It means risking someone (and that someone could be you) telling or showing you that what you are doing is not quite what people wanted. You may get rejected, ridiculed or otherwise have your feelings hurt. Once you get out of bed and start interacting with others any number of things can happen. And we all know that if you are in bed with someone there all sorts of feelings that can get triggered.

Since you can’t control what happens and since there is always the possibility that what happens will not be to your liking, you need to find a way to support, commend and be proud of yourself for sticking your neck out. The more chances you take the more successes you will have. And the more failures of one kind of another. So, you gotta reward you for the efforts you make regardless of the outcomes. You can celebrate the wins and mourn the losses, yet also hold a place of gratitude for your putting yourself out there. If you don’t reward the effort and the world doesn’t reward you, there is a good chance you will retreat more into your shell. Be a supportive coach to you as you do your best to make your life as enjoyable and meaningful as it can be.

Having the courage to "Be the change you want to see if the world," is what Gandhi recommended. It takes courage.

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