Recently I received an email from some friends who had been looking through old photo albums. Going through the albums, they got to reminiscing about their life together. They each thought that the best day of their life was the day they got married. Thankful for that occasion and its value to them, they were writing some of their close friends to thank them for sharing in that day some years ago.Wedding days ought to be ones of great celebration and hold a significant presence in the highlight reel of your life and I was glad my friends still held that day close to their hearts.

I don’t know how often you take the time to reminisce with a friend, partner or family member about memorable times in your life, but you might think about adding to it. I have a colleague who is moving out of state and he sent me an actual letter thanking me for the role I played in his life these last years. I was touched that he took the time to think over our relationship and wanted to let me know how much he valued my participation in his life. I thought his letter to me warranted my sending him back a postcard in another throwback that says "Thinking of you."

Many days slip by and are easily lost to memory. Our days can have moments of fear, joy, discovery, boredom and a host of actions immediately forgotten and some indelibly forged. I have learned at the end of the day when I lay in bed to take some moments and think back over the highlights of my day. I recall moments when something touching happened and I took nary a breath and moved on to the next thing. I remember moments that made me laugh and sometimes cry. I hold gratitude for the gift of my day. Whether I will remember it down the road only time will tell. But, for now I can take the time at the end of the day to reflect upon what has touched me. I like that I am thankful to be resting and about to fall asleep with the taste of the day upon my lips.

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