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This is a picture that I imagine is not too dissimilar from others found in homes with small children. It is a happy peaceful picture and one I would hope many children would be able to draw in their own way. I have another blog that has a picture of a T shirt that reads: I liked homework better when it was called coloring. Most children spend time coloring. For most kids it is an enjoyable process and continues to be for those adults who bring forth drawing into adulthood.

Among the talents that I don’t possess in much abundance I would count drawing. When my daughter was very little I drew her a picture and she told me how great it was. I think that was the last compliment I garnered. I don’t know what gene pool one needs to inherit the facility to draw, but my daughter got it so perhaps it just lays dormant in my outer regions. Or is completely attributable to her mother or perhaps it was nurture not nature.

Skill aside, I do like to draw. That is, if I can quiet the critic within who is keenly aware of my lack of skill and would prefer I focus my energies elsewhere. But, there is a joy I have in the creative process of having a blank piece of paper come alive with words and/or images.

While I am sure there are many kinds of drawings, I basically think there are two. There is the drawing you make on a blank page or screen and then there is the coloring book kind where you fill in the spaces. The coloring book is making a comeback and now more adults are enjoying the process of filling in the blanks. Adult themed coloring books now let you draw/color more engaging pictures than the ones that you encountered in your early life, but the childlike pleasure remains the same. There is something artistically pleasing to see an outlined picture come to life. You don’t have to worry about sketching the image, you just need to fill it in with colors of your choice.

Whether you are a blank sheet drawer or prefer that someone has edged the sketch, I invite you to spend some time encouraging your creativity to come out and play. Not that our creativity isn’t at play all day long as we apply ourselves to the tasks in front of us. Some of our responses are less artistic and engaging than others. Sometimes the world puts a situation in front of us and our response is invigorates us and adds a little spring to our step. While daily living necessitates our responding in new ways that involve our creative juices and some days can deplete us, we can also elect to set time aside to focus on our preferred creative outlets.

I don’t know what mix of emotions you will have as you spend time drawing but I tend to believe that when we engage in activities of our youth we find a greater connection to that playful child within us. And playing with him or her is usually a worthwhile activity. It doesn’t matter if you draw, sing, dance, design an app or shoot baskets – investing time in your creativity usually pays dividends.

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