Water is soothing in so many ways. First off, we actually need to drink it. I imagine there are some people that only drink other liquids, but for the vast majority of us water is something we depend on. It belongs to that select group along with air, food and social media.

We either have too much of it or not enough.

We drink it, we wash with it, we grow food with it, we cook in it.

We swim in it, fish in it, play in it.

We build ships and travel over it and in it.

We build expensive homes alongside it. We watch houses alongside it get washed away. We watch them rebuild.

We visit hotels alongside it so we can lay beside it, burn our skin and salve our spirit in its wonders.

We throw our discards in it.

We try to clean it up before we damage it too much.

The jury is out.

Right now I am thinking about the soothing sound of water.

When it travels down a stream and rolls over the rocks.

When it crashes onto a beach.

When it beats against your roof. Or lands upon your face.

I can taste that water as it slides down my cheek into my mouth.



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