Alphabet Series - P is for Porta Potty

I am not sure that choosing Porta Potty was the best choice for this post, but I have my reasons which I will soon share with you. But, first a little background on this particular picture.

Every summer I go to a music festival which relies on porta potties to care for our bathroom needs. You can see in this picture that my name has been attached to one particular potty along with the notice that the doctor is in. That is not my own personal potty, but rather the photoshop work of some friends of mine who accompany me to the festival. They thought it would give me a chuckle to create this picture and have it framed and it has now found a place in my home bathroom.

I am not a big fan of porta potties, but like many things in life they serve a purpose and when you need one you are glad to have one available to you. Although I think it is safe to say that most of us prefer indoor plumbing. Yet there are a couple of advantages to porta potties that I want to point out as I think they are applicable to the larger world.

Porta potties are equal opportunity experiences. They are one size fits all and when things get crowded everyone stands in line. There are no priority boarding passes.

Just like when you climb a tall ladder,you don't want to look down. Yet if you do, once again you will experience the egalitarian nature of the situation. There is no telling what belongs to who and you don't really want to know. All you want to know is that soon, you will be able to step outside and breath some fresh air.

There is one other thing I want to mention about porta potties and then we can finish up and see what Q holds in store. If you ever use a toilet in an airport you may have noticed that there is a lot of traffic in and out of the stalls and with that traffic comes an assortment of sounds and smells. So too can it be with a porta potty. While some may notice you when you go in, different people are there when you make your retreat. While not the same as within your own home, there is a bit of a sense of anonymity. You certainly hear slamming doors and the noises next to you, but unless you leave at the same time as you neighbors there is a cloak of unanimity that can cover your trail.

I am not sure if next week I will be going for quandry about why I felt compelled to write this post, but you may be relieved to know I will be leaving this subject behind.

#portapotty #bathroom #musicfestival

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