Alphabet Series - W is for Wonder

This might be a better post if it were just about Stevie Wonder, but it is not. Although he is a prime example of the kind of wonder I've been thinking about. I have to admit something - I have wonder envy. And I'm not sure what to do about it. Maybe you can help.

I am drawn to people who have wonder in their eyes. Perhaps you have seen an older person looking at something with the kind of joy and delight of a young child. They are enraptured with the moment and seem to be totally involved with the pleasure of discovery. I rarely do that, which is why I have wonder envy. I want to be able to have delight and rapture. I want to have the joy of discovery as I go through the day. I want that deep smile of contentment that some people seem to have and which others just don't. I am in that others group, I want to find out how to join with the group who have kept their wonder alive.

I can be shopping at the market, walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant and be people watching. I like to watch people. All kinds of people doing all kinds of things. It's a family thing. My sister would often get so focused on the conversation at another table that her husband had to gently summon her back to the table. That has happened to me. I find people fascinating, especially at a distance when I don't have to put any energy into interacting with them. Up close I have to relate to them and then the fascination turns to involvement which I usually enjoy, but it requires more effort. Sometimes I just want to watch.

I think Stevie Wonder has that inner joy. Whenever I see him he seems to be pretty blissful. I am sure he has blissless moments, but I think he has way more blissful ones than me. He has discovered how to tap that inner child and bring the pleasure of being alive into his day to day life or at least his music.

I prize that wonder, glee and the sweet aroma of life. But, I am a cynic. A New Yorker. An over-thinker who values the moment, but has difficulty shutting off the brain. One of my favorite therapists, Fritz Perls said: "Get out of your head and come to your senses." I want to do that more.

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