Alphabet Series - Z is for ZZZZZZ's

I want to write about sleep and what we do before we go to sleep. I also want to bid adieu to the Alphabet Series. Not sure I want to go through the alphabet again. Maybe I will take on Sea Ports Around the Globe, Emoji’s or the Table of Periodic Elements. Although I wouldn’t put my money on any of those. You have to tune in next week to find out. In the meantime, as I say goodbye to the Alphabet Series I’m thinking about how we say goodbye to the day and hello to our sleep.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an estimated 50-70 million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorders. Since there are so many underlying reasons why people have trouble sleeping, I can't really set about helping 50-70 million people today. But, I want to try and help a few, and maybe you're one of them.

I'm sure you know many of the do's and don'ts about what to consume and what activities to engage in before you turn off the light and try to go to sleep. I'm not going to go over those lists. Instead I want to focus on what you do when the lights go out. I'm partial to spending a few moments reviewing the highlights of the day for which I'm most grateful. I usually opt for three, but some days there are more and occasionally less. I don't go into detail in my mind. Mostly I just acknowledge to myself what stood out in a positive way. It can be something as simple as finishing a task or having made it safely to bed.

I consider those positive thoughts as akin to the goodnight kiss and tucking in that a child may be fortunate enough to receive. Those of us who have tucked our children in and kissed them good night know how good a feeling that can be for us. Although to be truthful when I had to read, and read again and read again some of the Spot books I was wishing my daughter would just fall asleep already. But, I knew those tucking in days would not last and now I treasure them.

They say when you are an adult you need to take over the job of parenting yourself. To which I say, tuck yourself in, give yourself a good night kiss, think of those three good things and rest peacefully.

#Sleep #Spotbooks #Grateful

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