New Beginnings

With every beginning there is an ending. And with every ending a beginning. I have just ended my Alphabet Series in which I wrote a post on each of the 26 letters. I chose to do that because I thought it would help focus me. If I was going to write about A, then I needed to find a subject that began with the letter A. While I thought this would help focus me more, I forgot just how many words begin with A. I am through with the alphabet now and able to write about anything (another A word), which is both expansive and overwhelming. Options come with their own anxieties. It is almost better to whine about the limited options than to have to face the endless possibilities. But, that's what I'm doing.

I had a small light bulb revelation recently. This summer I cut back considerably on the amount of hours I “work.” Right now I really only work one day a week. That will increase in the next few months, but for now I have a lot of "free" time. I suspect you know the time/money equation that states that when you have the time you don’t have the money and when you have the money you don’t have the time.

I now have more time, but less income. In essence I bought the time. I am lucky that I can afford to do that and certainly I'm not able to live the same lifestyle with less money. But, and here is the light bulb moment, I realized I had a new job description. My job now is to relax and enjoy myself. Not a bad job description.

It is funny when I got my last “job” the person who hired me told me my job was to be in charge of betterment. I asked what that meant and he told me to make everything better. I did my best to do just that for my work place and now need to do it for my home place.

I am sure this journey will evolve for me, but since I am just starting it I thought I would share some initial reactions. I keep waiting for my vacation to be over and to have to go back to work. I realized I have 5 Saturdays, 1 Sunday and 1 Monday. Not a bad equation, but I am looking to eventually get rid of that Monday.

I have spent a good portion of my time writing. I really do love to write and along with the blog I am finishing up a novel that will be the first in a series of mysteries.

I look forward to the writing and can’t wait to get started on the next book. I’ve been gardening more. Napping more and feeling better. There are things I want to do looking forward, but today I am happy to be embarking on my personal journey to relax and enjoy my life more.

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