Technology Will Do Us In

We live in a transitional time. I guess you could say that about any time, but I think it particularly applies to the beginning of the 21st century. You may recall that when we were on the eve of 2000 people were very concerned about how computers would handle the shift from the 1900s to the 2000s. It was called the Y2K bug and people were afraid that many facets of the technology world would implode and there would be disaster. Now that's a distant memory.

I just read an article about how a robot did a dental implant, and how bit by bit doctors/dentists are relying on robots to do such operations. There isn't a lot of human error with robots. I can easily see that down the road people will prefer to have a robot operate on them. Robots are smarter, don't sneeze, don't have germs, don't talk about their golf game while they operate on you, and may not cost as much.

Also I just read an article about anatomically correct sex dolls with programmable personalities that among other things they are capable of having sexy conversations and telling naughty jokes. There is a three month wait list to bring one home.

As robots become more frequent and do more things I can also easily see that robots are not going to have much need for humans. Now they build cars, beat us at chess and fly planes and talk dirty to you. They don't spend a lot on cosmetics, clothes, vacations and food. They are not picky about what neighborhood they live in and so far they don't seem to have issues about race or religion.

I am guessing that eventually they will out think us, out maneuver us and have little use for us. They are less frail, don't need dental surgery and have longer life expectancies. So, I figure eventually they will do us in, keep some of us around as pets and place some us in the same zoos where we keep other lower forms of life.

In the United States there is talk about how the white majority is losing privilege and power and soon will no longer be the majority. We are witnessing how that fear is manifesting itself and I imagine it will pale in comparison to how human beings react to technology taking over ruling the planet.

While I would prefer to think that we can live in harmony with each other and technology I am not optimistic. I think we are in the waning years of our taken for granted power on this planet and by the time comes to celebrate 2100 technology will have no use for humans who pollute the world, destroy the natural beauty of earth and have no ability to live in peace. Why keep people around when they cause more trouble than they are worth?

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