FAIL - First Attempt In Learning

I don’t deal well with failure. I don’t like making mistakes. I don’t like being not as good at something as I want to be. Hopefully you don’t relate to those sentiments, but a lot of people do. It's not easy being imperfect. Maybe it's not be easy being perfect, but I can’t speak to that. Or can I?

I suppose we all are perfectly imperfect. No one gets to be perfect at all things all the time. Even the gymnast who scores a perfect 10 in an event, probably faltered in practice and probably does not get those same scores in other arenas of their life. People often point out that a great baseball player makes outs twice as much as they get hits. In baseball, imperfection is the expectation. No player wants to make an out, but out of necessity they learn to be more accepting of their imperfections. Baseball is kind of unique in that way. If your boss asked you to do something and 70% of the time you didn’t do it to their expectations you might be looking for another job.

There are differing expectations for mistakes and failures in the various corners of our lives. I can’t do much about what your boss expects of you, but maybe I can help with what you expect of you. Although, as I said, this may be more of do as I say and not as I do. Because I am still immersed in the learning curve of accepting my own failure to live up to my expectations of myself.

I heard someone talking about Fail as the First Attempt In Learning. I liked that way of thinking about failure, but need to amend it to Fail, Sail, Tail as I have my first, second and third attempts at learning. Learning new things requires opening yourself up to being a beginner. Another thing I don’t like. I want to be proficient at everything the first time I do it. Needless to say this has lead to a lot of frustration as I fail to be the person I want to be. Although, the person I really want to be is the one who accepts their failures and mistakes gracefully and acknowledges that I won’t always be able to live life as seamlessly as I would like. I want to be that person and I want to be accepting when I'm not and grateful when I am. As I said, I am a work in process.

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