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Oh No, Not another Vocab Quiz

Last week I wrote about new words that had come into being in 2017. Broflake and youthquake caught my attention. As we add news words to our vocabulary, I got to thinking about words that have gone out of circulation.

Over the years we have seen policemen become police officers, firemen fire fighters, and mailmen mail carriers. Sometimes we hear people use these older reference, but bit by bit these sexist words are becoming extinct.

How we refer to people as well as how we treat people is coming under increasing review. As we strive to get rid of harassment and degradation so too do we strive to not label people. No longer can we call people rednecks, white trash or good old boy. We need to be aware in our language and our actions not to demean and belittle others.

I am sure we will all find there are words we use that upon reflection do not represent our values and beliefs. Walking the walk is not a simple matter because it requires diligence and commitment. I hope as we go forward we will pay heed not to carry with us, the words and actions that once were more tolerated but never tolerable.

#firefighter #fireman #policeofficer #Policeman #Mailman #MailCarrier #Rednecks #PoorWhiteTrash #GoodOldBoy

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