The Internet of Things

I have written about the future of my head, technology, and how in the future I suspect robots will have taken over earth and will retain some humans as pets. When I wrote about these things I thought that brave new world would not be arriving any time soon. Now, I am updating my forecast.

Perhaps you know the phrase the internet of things, or perhaps it is new to you. Not for long. My lay person's understanding of that phrase is now everyday things are being infused with more artificial intelligence capabilities. Sort of akin to how cars now can drive without you or Alexa/Siri can make you a dinner reservation. Soon they will drive you there and ultimately they will just eat it for you.

I don't know if you caught this news item, but it turns out we now have cameras that can "think." Even the cheap cameras they put up in the ceiling of a store will now be able to tell who you are, what you are holding and how long you have been standing in the same area trying to decide if you want to buy some ho-ho's.

Turns out these cameras will be able to tell me no matter where I am what is happening back at home or pretty much anywhere my camera has some connections. Soon I'll get to watch you watching me. And, of course, the cameras like to take a spin with their drone friends and keep an eye on what we're up to.

The smarter things get around me the dumber I feel. I used to be smarter than my typewriter, but my computer has it way over me. My phone has more features that I don't know about than I do. I sound like the old geezer I am becoming. I grew up in a simpler time, which is probably what the kids who are born now are going to say as well. I liked things more when I had a greater sense of control.

Here's a picture of my head. It may look like some Navy guys in a telecommunications center, but it is actually my head. There used to be just one guy working up there. Now there are two and there are a lot of levers and things that do this and that. Fortunately, those guys go out every now and then for a smoke break so I get to relax and simplify.

I am not match for technology. I am glad there are others who can toe-to-toe with it, but it had me beat a long time ago. My relationship with technology is such that things that happen to me don't usually happen to others. Let's take your desktop. My guess is you have some files that are there and pretty much every time you turn on your computer there is that same file just like you left it in the top left corner of the page. My computer doctor made a house call recently and when I showed him how when I put a file in the top left corner it is just as apt to move to the middle of the right side he looked at me and shrugged and said, "That's a new one." Unfortunately, I have lots of new and old ones.

I am going to ring up those guys in the picture and tell them it's time for a smoke break.

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