I was listening to the radio and the announcers were talking with each other about whether they could tell the difference between high grade and low grade tequila. One person thought that if they were blindfolded they would not know the difference but the other said they definitely could tell. The one who said he couldn't tell did say that when it came to scotch and bourbon he could tell. The other agreed and threw in vodka. Then the first one asked what about weed. Could they tell the difference? Would they know a sativa from an indica and a high grade from a low. And, the other, being consistent, said, of course.

I told that to my wife and she replied with one word - connoisseurship. And thus was born the topic for this post.

When I think about being a connoisseur I think there is a bit of a nose in the air quality to it. Pompous comes to mind. It's an "I know more than you know" thing. I notice this a lot with men as we are so competitive. Men seem to be invested in one upping one another. I certainly count myself in this group. If a friend tells me they did such and such I am apt to say "That's great. I did such and such plus one." I am not exactly sure what that gets me and the rest of my clan. Why is it so important to be better than others? Is it because we don't feel good enough to begin with and so need to prove how good we really are?

I don't know if you can tell the difference between the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff. Often we buy something because of the label or someone's recommendation, but is that item really better than another? Over the last few years I have become a consumer of products on Amazon in large part because I like their reviews. There are enough of them so I can feel safer about my choices. I don't consider myself a connoisseur of much, but I have gotten pretty good at knowing a good review from a bad.

If you take a look at these two pictures I found of connoisseurs you will notice that they are a bit dated. I don't want to speak for you, but for me neither of these gentlemen look like someone I would like to hang out with. And yet, they are connoisseurs and know a thing or two we might not know. I like it when someone can point out something I don't know and broaden my universe. I guess it is when they do it in such a way that feels belittling that my feathers get ruffled.

Perhaps in this age of Google we all can be connoisseurs in a matter of moments. It used to take some time to acquire the knowledge to rise above others and be able to look down on them. Now, we can all be experts but hopefully share what we know in more inclusive ways. in the meantime, I don't think Google will be able to help you out in distinguishing the grades of tequila and the indica from the sativa.

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