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Hazardous Duty Pay

When I was in the Navy the sailors who were deployed on submarines were paid Hazardous Duty Pay. In other words they got paid more for having a more hazardous job. There were other positions in the Navy and I imagine the other branches of government service where you were paid more for the extra degree of riskiness involved in the position. To this day service members are paid extra for certain jobs.

I don't know how many people were killed or injured on the jobs where they were receiving extra money for putting their life at risk. According to a May 19,2018 article in the Washington Post so far this year there have been more students killed in American schools than members of the armed service who were killed in the world. Aside from the horribleness of that statistic, is the fact that it is riskier being in a school this year than being in the military. And, yet people who serve in the military get paid extra for some of their service.

We've been reading a lot about how teachers are underpaid and certainly and legislators in states need to pay attention to their spending priorities. If you pay people in the service for risky jobs, the government now needs to pay teachers for the new risks that they are facing.

Whether you a student, teacher, administrator or staff person being at a school puts you at greater risk than most people. Certainly we need to attend to how better to protect our schools. While we are figuring out how to do that how about the government stepping up and providing hazardous duty pay to the people who choose to work at schools educating our children.

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