I feel uniquely qualified to write about Perfection, because, and please withhold your applause, I am perfect. Just the way I am. I am not one to toot my own horn, but in all earnestness I have mastered the perfection of life. If you want, I am happy to say you are perfect too. But, I will leave that up to you. I'm just going to write about my own perfection.

Those of you who even know me slightly may question my perfection. If you have read any of my posts you may have noticed mistakes. If you have read about my issues with failure and fumbling around it may be hard for you to grasp how I could be holding myself forth as being perfect. And, I must admit, it is had for me to grasp as well. But, I think I have it figured out...

To help me out I checked out the Mirriam-Webster definition of perfect to make sure I fit all the criteria. Here are some of the words they use: flawless, expert, proficient, pure, total, sane, unequivocal, unmitigated, mature, contented, satisfied, absolute and sure. I am sure those are the very words that come to you when you think of me. But, just in case they don't, let me help you out.

Let’s start with flawless. You might say I’m not without flaws. You may have seen me fumble around, forget something, say something obtuse or leave a out of a sentence. I do those things. And you might want to consider them flaws. Others do. But, what person do you know that has not done some of these things? Are we not all prone to mistakes?

So, yes I will grant you that I am flawed. But are we not supposed to be flawed? If we all are flawed, wouldn’t you think that the design calls for flaws? Whether you believe in God or Gods or Nature or Nurture or not much of anything, it doesn’t take much observation to see that while we all might obtain levels of pure perfection now and then, we also can be mean-spirited, unkind, overly selfish and less than stellar. Our flaws are an organic natural part of our being. They help make us what we are - homo sapiens. No more. No less. We're on the evolutionary trail. Another cog in the wheel.

Sure, I get frustrated and upset when I don’t measure up to my unrealistic expectations of myself or even my realistic expectations. But that too is a perfectly human response. I wrote a post some time ago about how as people age they take life in stride much more. They don’t have the same degree of upset as they used to when things don’t go their way. I think that ease of being is nature or God or whatever helping us find greater peace and contentment within ourselves as we get closer to passing along the baton.

So, go ahead. Be perfect. You’re human after all.

#Perfection #Flawless #Expert #Proficient #Pure #Sane #unequivocal #unmitigated #contented #satisfied #Absolute #Sure

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