Frequent Fertilization

I go to the Farmer's Market most every week. Usually I buy fruits and vegetables, an occasional loaf of bread and plants. Along with liking to eat, I like to garden, and take a lot of pleasure in tending to my garden. I have a fair amount of space that is basically barren. While I can honor and observe the value of dirt, I prefer to look at plants and flowers. Because I would prefer to cover the dirt I have become well acquainted with the guy (Chris) who sells plants.

He has told me a couple of things I find very interesting and of value. He has been a grower of plants for 40 years and mostly sells wholesale to nurseries.. He comes to the Farmer’s Market once a week not because he can earn some money, which he does, but because he loves to do it. And it shows, people walk by and say hello, come over to chat and he is a very engaging fellow. I like the time I spend with him as do many others. Clearly he comes to the market because he enjoys being there. And while he is there he has passed along some valuable information.

Chris told me he recently bought a new piece of property and he wants to move there and grow fruit which he wants to dry and sell. He might still do some plants, but he is excited about this new venture in his life. We talked about how exciting it is to have a new venture, because they don’t come all that often. He is frustrated though. He thinks he has a buyer for his place but the process is slow and he isn’t sure if the deal will go through. He is sure he wants to move on. While he loves what he does, he is ready to move on. And I'm ready to eat that dried fruit.

I am rooting for him to get what he wants, but I told him I really don’t want him to leave the Farmer’s Market as a good portion of my yard has been supplied by him. He understood that and I asked if he could ask the new owner if they would consider coming to the market. He said he would suggest that, but he also told me that for him it was a labor of love and it might not be so for the next person.

So, I’ve been buying a lot of plants lately. I asked him about fertilizing because it is something I don’t do well. I know some plants prefer this and some that and frankly I am not committed to retaining that information. I want one generic fertilizer I can use twice a year. I haven’t told him that yet and hopefully he will have a suggestion for me.

In the meantime when I asked him about fertilizing some succulents he said he fertilizes frequently. Just a little but often. While that might call for more energy than I want to invest, I am sure I would enjoy the fruits of my labor.

What struck me about what he said is that most things in life would benefit from frequent fertilizing. I know relationships flourish when the people invest time to be together in enriching activities. My car likes to be frequently fertilized as does my bank account. It sort of akin to people talking about the importance of showing up. Fertilizing is showing up plus.

I don’t know how much fertilizing I will do with my garden, although I am out there almost every day. I know if you are going to have a garden someone needs to tend to it. I will keep you posted. In the meantime I pass along the advice Chris gave me – Frequently Fertilize.

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