I'm thinking about food. In particular I am thinking about gorging, over-eating and over-indulging. Basically I am thinking about practicing gluttony. I may be experiencing my own post-Thanksgiving syndrome.

I wrote a blog about the 7 Deadly Sins and gluttony was right there along with lust, greed, pride, despair, wrath and sloth. I imagine along each of our life’s paths we’ve run into some of these and here I am on the downside of gluttony. I am not all that happy to share my gluttony with you, but here I go.

I actually don’t eat to much excess on Thanksgiving although there are a lot of therapists who say it is the one day of the year when over indulging is a shared activity. We all grant each other and ourselves permission to overeat and some think that if we don’t take our one free day we are more inclined to take more not free days. So, go ahead and din't bemoan your excess.

My difficulty with over-indulging is I have to pay for it. As I get more health conscious it gets harder to take advantage of a free day cause I know it ain’t really free. So, all things in moderation becomes a common mantra. And some add, including moderation.

Okay, back to my gluttony. I have come to accept that I have a desire to have not easily satiated desires that I can endeavor to satisfy. While day in and day out I eat a balanced nutritious diet, there are times when I want to pig out. I am sure there is some deep analytical twist here that goes back to my mother that keeps me wanting more. But, while I push my plate away it is often before I feel fully satiated. I feel comfortable and I know that in twenty minutes I will cease to have cravings. But in the meantime my mind and my body don’t always sync up and I feel like I want more.

One of the snacks that I allow myself to indulge in is popcorn. It satisfies my glutinous desires because I can grab a handful, shove it in my mouth and devour it over and over again. I have seen people eat popcorn a few kernels at a time, and that is probably the healthy prudent way to proceed. However, whenever I go that route it does nothing for that buffet-like urge I have. So, there you have it. I am a popcorn glutton and will remain so until such a time as I move on to focusing on some of those other sins. I have my eye on sloth.

I tend to like my popcorn with olive oil and nutritional yeast so there are some redeeming values that mitigate matters. But, I still opt for butter now and then. I gave up salt long ago and tried Braggs Amino Acids to be healthier but even watered down it was too salty for me. I guess I practice my gluttony with some degree of awareness, but my point is I like popcorn because I can cram it in my mouth and satisfy those not so healthy urges. My mother would not be proud.

#Gluttony #popcorn

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