Fuhgoddaboudit & Fuhgeddaboudit

The other day I forgot something and this popped into my head - fuhgoddaboudit. I am sure I am not the first person to think of this turn of a phrase. Of course, when it came to me, I thought I was the first person to think fuhgoddaboudit. It's not easy being an original thinker. An idea comes to you, you get excited, think you're all that, and then find out others have had the thought before you. While it takes some of the bragging rights away from you, it does give you a certain amount of personal cache that for a time you had what you thought was an original thought.

In the therapy world, therapists experience this phenomenon over and over again. We say something to a client, the client kind of hears it but it slips into the background. Later on, the client comes up with the idea by themselves and is proud and wonders why you didn't think of it. The therapist could try to claim that they said it first, but that would not be in the best interests of empowering the client.

This "do I or do I not claim the credit" dilemma reminds me of a nifty piece of therapy research that might have implications for you. It turns out that therapists who use a lot of techniques, make a lot of suggestions and are more active in the session are thought highly of by their clients. However, clients of therapists that do less, rate their therapy as more effective than those clients of the "more well thought of" therapists. This thrusts therapists into a dilemma - do I do more and be thought better of or do I do less and have the client think better about the therapy?

I don't know if you can find applications for that research in your life and if you can't fuhgeddaboudit. But, more likely you will fuhgeddaboudit and then at a later date think of it and be proud of yourself for having that original thought. That is the value of fuhgoddaboudit.

Whether you fuhgeddaboudit or fuhgoddaboudit I hope you will think better of me. Or do I want you to think better of you? Hmmm.


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