Rock and Roll Repair

My wife and I got to talking about the sadness of losing musicians who we have so much enjoyed throughout our lives. We were listening to a Steely Dan song and my wife said how sad it was that Walter Becker had died. We knew his partner Donald Fagen said the band would play on, and we would be happy to go see them as we are fans, but our hearts will be heavy.

Then we got talking about Tom Petty and how hard it was to grasp that he was no longer alive. We wondered how the Heartbreakers would go on. Would they go on? We hoped so because they are a such great band.

We thought about who might front the band because they don’t really have a lead singer. We thought of what other musicians might fit in. My wife thought maybe Roger McQuinn because Tom copied a lot of his style. Or maybe Bob Dylan. He could play with them as he did with the Band. He could play mostly his songs but throw in some of Tom’s.

We realized as we lose musicians the remaining lot might want to band together. Form new super groups. Sort of like the Traveling Wilburys. You could have a band called the Survivors. It is a grim thought but it beats not getting to hear them play.

There were a few movies some years ago when Sylvester Stallone got together with a bunch of former tough guy heroes like Bruce Willis,Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris and Jason Statham and made the Expendables. They seemed to have a good time and made money, although as I recall the movies were pretty expendable.

While we don’t like seeing our musicians aging, we really don’t like to think that they won’t be playing anymore. Ringo seems to have taken this to heart and has toured for some years with his all star bands. If it would be helpful to any rock and rollers who are looking to connect up with their peers we are happy to help out. Maybe Michael McDonald could team up with Donald Fagen, but I don't think he is up for the Hey Nineteen intro.

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