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Yesterday's Weather Today

Much of the year in Southern California the weather is the same today as it was yesterday. The main exception to that is the winter months when we get whatever amounts of rain we are going to get. When I find out there is a chance for rain in the days ahead, I like to watch our evening local news to see and hear what the weather forecaster has to show and tell.

I particularly like the segment where they show the weather pattern and how they think the next few days will unfold. You can see the clouds moving in and out and when they expect the bulk of the rain to happen. I like this peek into the crystal ball, and like a lot of looks into the future the picture is not always clear.

We all know a weather forecaster has a job security most of us don’t have. They seem to be able to retain their jobs regardless of the accuracy of their prognostications. While I don’t want any of them to lose their jobs, what I would like to see is for them to occasionally have a segment where they talk about yesterday’s weather today.

I would like them to take out the map they showed with the times they thought it was going to rain and then superimpose that with what actually happened. Then I would like them to explain why it didn’t happen the way they thought it would happen. I want them to teach us about the nuances of changing weather fronts. I imagine they don’t want to show us how they missed the boat. I can understand that, but I think they are missing an opportunity for us all to learn more about the vagaries of their profession and how weather evolves. I'd like to learn more about that.

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