Civility and Name-Calling

I don't like to get fed up, but I am. People that know me well can attest to the fact that civility is not something I am nit-picky about, but I now have found my limit.

I don't want to get into the pros and cons of our president, but I do want to call into question one of his behaviors which has hurt our country and is heading us on a downward spiral. Whether you love the man or not, I think we all can agree that he, like us, is not perfect. He, like us, makes mistakes. He, like us, could improve certain behaviors. The one I would like him to consider cleaning up is name-calling.

As a therapist I have had my share of clients who have told me how a name they were called as a child has stayed with them and caused them harm. I imagine we all can think of names we were called that stung us. I know people who were called stupid by their parents and lack confidence in themselves. I know people who were called lazy and no matter what they do can't shake off the thought that they could be doing more.

The name-calling that took me over my limit was not uttered by Trump, but by a politician in Florida. I don't want to repeat the slur nor call out the politician because we have all called people names and we probably have all hurt other people as well as been hurt by other people. But, when our president takes a certain pleasure in name-calling it invites other's to do the same. I sometimes listen to talk radio across the political spectrum and the name-calling is not limited to one party. Instead of calling someone stupid why not describe what they did and the concerns it raises for you? I would imagine that would take more time, more explaining and in our era of sound bytes and short attention spans it is a lot easier just to say someone is stupid. But, what makes them stupid to you would be much more interesting to me. If you describe the behavior, it allows me to make up my own mind based on the facts that drew you to your conclusion.

I know this is a losing battle. Name-calling is going to proliferate until enough people have had enough of it and we can move on. In the mean time, I think it is stupid.

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