Motion is Lotion

This is a follow up to my recent post on back pain and what I'm leaning from my physical therapist as well as myself. "Motion is lotion" is the phrase I heard this week. You may have heard it before, but this was my introduction to this catchy phrase. It's easy to remember as indicated by the fact that I actually remember it. It also makes good sense. It is something that is both obvious and unfortunately not something I really understood.

When my back first started bothering me, my reaction was to rest. Do nothing. While I don't consider myself expert at doing nothing, I do have that skill set. If my back bothered me and I was home I would lie down for a few minutes. If I didn't fall asleep and take a nap I usually would get up in 10-15 minutes and feel better. Not great, but better. If I napped I pretty much always woke up groggy but my back was happier.

Now when I feel pain I stretch. I have a series of movements that I do that don't immediately alleviate the pain, but they often decrease it and occasionally it subsides and goes away. What I'm leaning is the more I stretch my tightened muscles the less pain I have. It is kind of embarrassing to admit this as I probably ought to have retained this information from my youth when movement was a much more prevalent part of my life. My writing life-style complemented by my therapy hours do not lend themselves to the kind of movement that my back values. So, I get up more frequently and do a few minutes of stretches and manage to keep the pain more in check.

I might even dance some more around the house and try out some of those Napoleon Dynamite moves. Although I don't think his moves are in my wheelhouse. But, you never know as I'm lotioning up.

#NapoleonDynamite #Backpain #Movement

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