Time On My Hands

Time On My Hands

This usually does not happen to me so I feel ill equipped to handle what is occurring today. The power is off all day. My driveway is blocked while the electric company installs a new pole. Evidently this takes a group of workers all day so I am left to fend for myself without the usual distractions.

In my recent posts I've been discussing how more and more I am feeling like a writer. Having given up my typewriter some years ago I have become reliant on my computer. Not today. My backup battery served me well for about an hour. Now I am writing this on my iPad which means I use one finger to hop around between the keys. Not ideal, but I am writing.

I am now up to date on my New Yorker and National Geographic, gave the morning paper a solid reading, pulled weeds in the garden and handled some correspondence on my iPhone while the battery life bleed away.

Normally to pass the time I would also flop on the couch, read a mystery and take a nap. I did manage a morning nap but I don't like to read a mystery while I am immersed in writing one. I find when I read authors I like I tend to be influenced by their writing style. On the one hand you might think that would be a good thing as my style could use some mentoring. But I have found it serves me better to follow my own muse. Being influenced by those we admire is a good thing, but I found that when I re-read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas one summer before school started my teaching tended to veer off in directions that caused administrative concern.

I am going to take the dog on a long walk, do some extended stretching and tidy up my sock drawer. I sure hope they get done soon or I might have to deal with the pile of things I really have been procrastinating about.


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