Hell Yeah or No

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sometimes they are easy to make. Other times not so easy. I used to recommend you use an 80/20 decision making rubric. If you have some time before you have to make a decision, try this exercise. Ask yourself at various points throughout the day(s), if you had to make the decision right now, what would you do? If you've made several choices you can add up the number of times you wanted to do this and the number of times you wanted to do that. If you find that one you are making one of the choices 80% of the time that is good enough to go forward.

Sure, we would all like 100% certainty about making decisions, but more often than not that isn’t the case. Sometimes things seem more like 50/50. In those cases if you keep asking yourself maybe you will get to that 80% threshold. If you don’t, you can ask yourself what you have to do to move each choice to 80% and see if that will clear a path for you.

With many big decisions it is hard to get to a clear answer, which is why if you can get to that 80% level it will at least allow you to feel that you are making the best decision in the moment. Circumstances may change and what was a thoughtful decision may turn out to be less so in the future. But at least you went with the odds. When things are closer to 50/50 you are just going with your instinct, which for most people is usually pretty good but try to think of what you can do to move up those odds.

As I said, I used to suggest people use the 80/20 approach when trying to make decisions, but now I often go with the Hell Yeah or No approach. My wife actually told me a couple of months ago that this is the formula she is using. If someone asks her to do something if she isn’t saying, “Hell yeah,” she is saying, “No.” While no decision making process is flawless I really like her approach because it insures she isn’t going to be doing things she doesn’t really want to do. When I ask if she would like to go out to eat at such and such place if she isn’t saying, “Hell yeah,” we aren’t going.

I have one addendum. Let’s say I look at the kitchen sink and see 10 things that need to be washed and I decide to wash 8 or 9 of them, but not all. If I were to point that out to my wife she would give me no credit for doing the 8 or 9 and maybe I’d even get minus points for not finishing the job. In her world, and now mine, if you don’t do something completely you are not doing it. I mention this because if you think about doing things wholeheartedly and seeing them through it might make saying Hell yeah or no a bit easier.

Just to make sure she doesn't forget her new decision making rubric she has it as her screen saver which you can see above.

You might want to consider the 80/20 and Hell Yeah approaches to help with your decision making. Let me give you a starting point. Would you like to read another post?

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