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Batter Up

A Lesson in Baseball and Murder is the fifth in the Lesson series and, for your money, I think it’s the best. I’m actually going to keep saying that with subsequent books, but as with many things, experience is indeed a great teacher.

I’m not a big baseball fan, but I like to go to a game now and then. A lot of people consider baseball to epitomize so much of life that baseball jargon and metaphor have become ingrained in our culture.

The previous book, A Lesson in Mystery and Murder, took place in August 1984. When I found out the Dodgers held their second annual Adult Fantasy Baseball Camp in October, I signed on.

One issue that keeps coming up for me in these Lesson books is getting on base with a woman who’s caught my interest. In this book I encounter something I hadn't experienced before—someone at the camp had read a couple of my previous books and noted that I’d yet to write a decent sex scene. Or even better, an indecent one. Whether or not she helped me with that, you’ll need to read or listen to the book to find out. I can’t say reading the book will help your lifetime batting average, but I do hope you will enjoy the mystery and find some batting tips that might improve your swing.

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