Be Here Now

There is not a lot to look forward to these days. No concerts to attend, games to watch, people to comfortably visit. Many of the things that helped fill our days and lives are not available or as available.Circumstances are pulling us more and more into needing to be here now in ways we didn’t need to be here quite so much. I imagine for many of us this is not always a pleasant experience. Those of us who live with others have mostly gotten closer, but not without friction. We wear on each other. Those that live alone have also gotten closer to themselves, not without friction. We wear on ourselves.

The challenges we face are many. Most people I speak with have moments/days where they feel depressed, anxious and moments/days when they focus their energies and are enthused. Therapists believe life is enhanced when you accept where you are. Acceptance of your circumstances is a process. Dr. Kubler-Ross wrote about stages of mourning which are also stages of acceptance. You go through periods of denial, anger, sadness, bargaining and acceptance. Back and forth, in and out, round and round you go dealing with the changes life brings.

Accepting how things are with you, with the world is how you begin to go about changing it. You don’t need to like how things are, but you need to pay close attention. What do I think/what do I feel about my circumstances and the rest of the people and species in the world? These are questions to ask throughout the day. And the bonus questions - what do I think and feel about how I think and feel? Ask that enough and you begin to clarify your best next steps.

Our days and nights are unlike they were before. It seems the unknown has a greater presence. It’s a rocky road we travel. We all need to take good care of ourselves and each other.

Most of us would prefer to be less worried, less unsure and more able to go out and feel safe. Hopefully there will be more of that. In the meantime, here we are now.

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