A New Year

For most everyone on earth this has been a year of hardship we have not known before. We’ve all had to navigate the storm. Some didn’t make it through, some made it through but are severely wounded, and all of us are carrying a level of stress that weighs us down.

We all know the longer you’re in a stressful situation the harder it becomes. Yes, we can learn to modify our lives so we improve our odds for smoother sailing, but everyone still gets swept up in the stress. We manage our stress as best we can and are mostly able to adapt and normalize something far from normal, but the news we see, hear, and experience continues to add to our burdens. No one is coming through this unscathed. We’re all in it. We may disagree about what it is that we’re in and what to call it and how to get the upper hand, but we all can attest how different our lives are from this time last year.

We all have a sense of what we’re up against in the near future and have a general idea of how our lives will be progressing. For many people the stress will get worse, for some better. However much concern you have, waves of consequence will demand your attention. Not that long ago we didn’t spend many moments thinking about how to live in a pandemic and now we do. It’s our new reality. Until it isn’t.

Living under this cloud can beat you down. I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do know that if you want something to change you need to be resolute about it. You need to attend to it, just as you need to attend to your survival.

I’m endeavoring to be resolute about creating a space in my daily life for creativity. A space to take my interests, talents, pleasures and be creative with them. The vast majority of my creative energies go into writing, but there are also talks with those close to me, time in the garden, singing along to songs that pop up, and doing my best to enjoy and value my time on earth.

We have to put a lot of our energies into dealing with death. To help balance that out I’m making sure to invest time in the things that make life valuable and enjoyable for me.

Have a healthy new year,


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