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Funniest Joke You Know

I don't want to bad mouth my friends, but sometimes they just don't come through for me the way I hoped they would. When I first started to write this book I sent out a note to my closest friends asking them to send me the funniest joke they knew. You would think that would yield some amusing results. Well, I thought it would, but while I can depend on my friends for their sense of humor it doesn't seem I can depend on them for their recall of funny jokes. I got one. I'll share it in a bit, but let me ask you - do you have a favorite funny joke?

I was once told you need to have one magic trick you can do and one go to joke that is suitable for all ages. Like a lot of things I've been told I haven't followed that advice, but I do think it might be worth your consideration if not mine. I actually have a joke that I tell in the prologue, but it's not suitable for all ages so you'll have to either listen to the podcast on my website or get the book. Or forgettaboutit.

In my private practice I used to run groups as I have found that you get a lot more bang for your therapy dollar if you're in a group. I always wanted to put together a group for comedians, but couldn't quite get enough of them in one place at the same time every week. I've found that those hopes I had for my life that didn't get realized, can find their way into my books, But like a lot of things they don't quite get realized there the way I hoped.

In the book I do have a group of people interested in comedy. It's hard enough to retain sufficient membership in groups in real life, but when members keep getting knocked off in my fictional life, well, the least I can do is figure out whodunit.

For those of you who read this far to hear the one joke I received, well, you'll be as disappointed as I was, but you will find it did make its way into the book and did play its part in solving the mystery. This joke was submitted by a friend who claimed it was told to her by her five year old. When does a police officer smell bad? When he's on duty.

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